Our Troops

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Gisele Loves Our Troops

Frequently Asked Questions...

What are some ways for me to show my support to our troops over sea, and state side?

I mean sure prayer is great. An buying ribbions, and bumper stickers show you support our brave men, and women. An sure joining is the ultimate way; three more years after college going to try for OCS. But what can I do now? Any web sites to help? Or any ideas from everyone here? Also I mean our soilder are sacraficing there lives over sea to make a difference forother countries; how can I help those countries as well to aid in what our troops are doing? Thanks for any input. Semper Paratus.
I am from CT I'll try to google some. I heard about the Angel one sounds interesting. Also what would I say if I wrote a letter to our boy's, and girl's serving right now? Also should I check with the local VA?

Best Answer...


Adopt a soldier that's deployed :)