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Frequently Asked Questions...

Map Pinning any programs or wesites that can do this easily?

Ok so I am going out of town here in a couple of weeks to a city I have never been to. There are some landmarks in the city that I would like to see. I wold like to "PIN" these locations on a map to make it easier to keep track of each one. I know I can do this with yahoo maps & map quest, but it is acting up on me right now & I would like to be able to just say I want to go to McDonalds & then to walmart then to payless shoe source etc. and the map helps me locate these places easily & "pins" them on the map for me. I know it can be done, but like I said yahoo maps & mapquest don't seem to like my computer so thay aren't behaving. Is there any other programs or websites I could try?

Thanks in advance for the help.

Best Answer...


I think you might be able to try Google search or google Maps.. I use for alot of things.. If your yahoo search works you can type in what ever you are looking for and the city and state that you are in and it will bring up that stuff and then you can click on the map.. I dont see why that wouldnt work since its not actually yahoo Maps..