Hand Painted

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Frequently Asked Questions...

whats the reasonal value of a hand painted , gold leaf Stein?

i have a hand painted stein with a gold leaf finish on the top in a ring patern with a multi-color glaze all over. also in the middle of it it has a ingraved picture of a child laying on a womans lap in a park setting and on the other side a buck deer in a forest , these ingraveings are panted with a cloudy colored glaze, they're in a framed lime ingraving with bordered graveing, ( for the deer the color is forest green, for the child its a butter yellow) under this is a ring of copper colored area with a inset ring of gold and under this is a cross and flour-de-lau patern ingraving painted the same as the center gravings in a sky blue. how much can i get for it? be resonable with the pricing plz ( forgive any misspellings im 13)
it about 16" tall 5" diameter and weighs 2-3 pounds
it was made in u.s.a

Best Answer...


I think that you should just take it for a proper appraisal, nobody is going to be able to tell you via a discription over the internet, especially without a picture included and even that would be a sketchy way of doing an appraisal.