Dirty Magnet

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Quick & Dirty Magnetic Levitation - only 2 transistors !!!

Frequently Asked Questions...

Clean/Dirty Magnet out of regular materials?

okay, i want to make my mom a clean / dirty magnet for the dish washer with every day house hold items...

Best Answer...


Popsicle sticks

3 pieces of fabrics (one red (STOP!)(one green go)(one for the "middle")
or match her kitchen with the colors of her kitchen

hot glue gun

take a magnet she has on the fridge (one that's never really used)

Place middle fabric over whole magnet and glue
placea top fabric and glue
place bottom and glue
(leaving a space between top/middle and middle/bottom to "cut in half"

Using a sharpie and use bubble letters or stencils to write the words "clean" or "dirty"

Idea 2

Popsicle stick draw thumbs up or thumbs down and she can flip it...glue to a rarely used magnet.