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Static Launch of the Cuban's Missile Crisis

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Cuba Cuban

Frequently Asked Questions...

Please please please help me! Please no stupid remarks?

One reason for the United States entering the Spanish American War was that:
Americans hated the Spanish
Americans had economic interests in Spain
Americans had economic interests in Cuba
Cubans threatened American lives

10: In the late 1800s and early 1900s, farming changed in that:
farmers became businessmen
larger farm production was possible
new inventions altered farming techniques
all of the above

11: Which was NOT a territory of the United States after the Spanish American War:
Puerto Rico

12: Which Supreme Court case set the precedent of "separate but equal" regarding racial circumstance in the United States:
Brown v. Board of Education
Madison v. Marbury
Plessy v. Ferguson
none of the above

13: The narrowest place between North and South America is the:
Isthmus of Panama
Isthmus of Columbia
Peninsula of Panama
Peninsula of Columbia

Best Answer...


Hey, bubbles, it is the Cuban - Hispanic war. After the yanks entered, then it became the Cuban - Hispanic - American war .
The reason to enter was that the USA were in the imperialistic phase, trying to extend their influence beyond the country. They had been waiting for the appropriate moment to intervene and try to seize Cuba. They also seized Puerto Rico, the Philippines and some other territories.

The Cubans had been fighting for their independence since 1868 and did not tolerate the USA rule, then the USA had no other choice than to grant their independence, but with the Platt amendment, that allowed them to intervene in Cuba whenever they wanted to

13- The isthmus of Panama