Speaker Cutouts

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Frequently Asked Questions...

How would i fit my 6.5" speakers into a 4" speaker cutout?

OK...so i bought 4 - 6.5" speakers for my car. i assumed that both the back AND front were the same size, but ive come to find out that they are not. My front speakers are supposed to be 4" but i only have 6.5".
Ive looked at spacers and adapters but i cant find any that give enough confirmation that they will actually work. What should I do?
is there anyway i can make a spacer?

Best Answer...


you need bigger holes for the speakers 6.5 to behave like 6.5.
measure the space around the 4" in the door, sorry many doors can only accept 4" or may bey 51/4 watch out for obstructions like wires power windows make sure the glass will not hit the bigger speaker.
just make sure u have the room first i would not use an Adaptor for such a jump in sizes