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Frequently Asked Questions...

If I render a project i made in after effects.. Would the orig video files used be affected by the render?

I made a film project.. I want to render it to see what ive done so far. ram preview isnt an option its not long enough.

lets say I have the original video files in my external hard drive.

when I render the project... does that have any affect on the original video files on my external hardd rive? is the rendering connected to the original video files at all?

and after the render.. If i work on the same project, the one i rendered does the quality of the whole project go down?...

Im not talking about working with the rendered video... Im talking about the project that has been rendered *already. does the quality go down cause i already rendered it?

Best Answer...


your original footage doesn't get altered/affected.
the project only uses it as a reference..
change things, render them ,re-render them , it makes no difference to the original, or the quality of the next render ( as your are in effect making a 'new' movie every time)..just make sure when you render to use the 'add to render que' ( under composition ) and NOT file>render as