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Frequently Asked Questions...

would i be considered novice or what level?

i have been riding for about 4 years, walk trot (posting,sitting,2pt,no stirrups posting, 2pt etc..), canter (with and without stirrups), i dont gallop yet. i have jumped up to about 2'6" maybe an inch or two above that. i jump oxers, liverpools, verticals, stone walls, cross country etc... i can jump courses and i show in the pre childrens eq. division. i have gotten champion in short stirrup eq and ive gotten relatively high placings in the pre childrens eq but not 1st yet. would i b considered novice? junior novice? im not sure what the levels are but wat level would i be? thanks! =)
im talking about english riding i jump n stuff im not doing eventing n all that im doing equitation/hunters jumping type things
o btw ive jumped 2ft verticals without stirrups too.
at what height do you have to start galloping into jumps instead of cantering into them?
btw i just jumped 2'9 like a few days ago

Best Answer...


i would call you an advanced beginner or low intermediate. its always hard to tell, because i do lots of stuff on the flat, but i don't jump. i've been riding for 5 years and i want to jump but the arena is too small (they're starting to build a new outdoor arena big enough for jumping -- i'm so excited!) my instructor says i'm intermediate.

i agree that you should ask your instructor, because they'll have seen you ride a lot whereas we haven't seen you at all, and they'll know what you're capable of.