Byers Choice

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Frequently Asked Questions...

Create your "rare" dog- fun with CKC registration! What would you submit?

OK- so I have asked things like this before. It amuses me. I wouldn't actually do this because I would not give money to the Continental Kennel Club (even $12), but I have heard of people registering a rabbit as a lopadoodle and I think it would be fun to have papers for something silly.

Here is the form for registering a dog with the CKC, no pedigreed required with pictures and witnesses:

What would you register as a joke? Can include name, breed, breeder, witnesses, photo or anything else you feel like.

Name: Eleanor Abernathy [crazy cat lady from the Simpsons- also could be breeder or witness]
Breed: German Shedoodle

Name: Byers Choice
Breed: Teacup St. Bernard

Best Answer...


I often joke that you could take a pile of petrified white dog poo, paint spots on it, and register it as a dalmatianpoo.