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Antique Whites of Utica 1L Beer Stein Mold 38 Old German Drinkers Salt Glz

Antique J W Remy 1 2L Incised German Beer Stein 906 Lohengrins Departure

Vintage Coors original official sponsor guys night out mug Stein 5 Litre sahm

Capo di monte 1 2L Character Beer Stein Cavalier Made in Italy

Antique 1 2L Porcelain German Beer Stein by George Leykauf Nurnberg Mint

Antique 1 2L German Beer Stein Poachers in the Herders Hut Girmscheid 1004

Antique 1 2L Glass German Beer Stein with Landsknechte Playing Dice Mint

Antique Mettlach 1 2L Incised German Beer Stein 1146 Students Drinking Mint 188

Heinz Heidelberg Inn DAB Beer Dortmunder Export Stein Mug West Germany Free Ship

Antique 1 2L German Beer Stein by J W Remy Between Two Suitors 525 Inlay

Antique 1 2L Salt Glazed German Beer Stein Threaded Relief by R Merkelbach 15

Antique Mettlach 1 2L German Beer Stein 1526 with Deutschland Transfer

Antique 1L German Beer Stein by Hanke Scrollwork with Saying Threaded Relief

Antique 1L German Beer Stein by Marzi Remy with Unique Pewter Lid of Munich

Antique 04L German Beer Stein Charles Zoller Company Heraldic Crest Mint

Antique German Stein Agricultural School Pre War c 1920 30Marzi

Vintage 1L Capodimonte Beer Stein Italy Bacchanal Cherubs Playing Instruments

Antique 1L Pewter German Beer Stein with Bacchanal theme and Goat Head Thumb Lif

Antique 1L Stoneware German Beer Stein with Stag and Pheasant Pewter Lid

Antique 1 2L German Beer Stein Bismarck Brewery Advertising Standard Brewery

Large Antique 3L Majolica German Beer Stein marked Schtz Cilli 14 1 4 tall

Antique 1 2L German Beer Stein with Landsknecht and Monk Hand painted Mint

Antique 1 2L Salt Glazed German Beer Stein Ein Pikantes Lied Flirting Scene

Antique 1 2L Regensburg German Beer Stein with hand painted inlay Running Stag

Large Antique 125L Regensburg German Beer Stein with Inlay Lid

Vintage German Beer Stein Pewter 4 1 2 Tall Miniature Rare

Antique 1 2L German Beer Stein with Renaissance Style Couples in Blue Glaze

Antique Mettlach 1 2LGerman Beer Stein Heidelberg Castle 1675 Mint Condition

Antique 1L Salt Glazed German Beer Stein by Merkelbach Wick Scrollwork Saying

Antique Mettlach 2L German Beer Stein Black Forest Costumes 2774 1135

Hacker Pschorr Munchen Hummel Der Bayern Set of 1 2 Liter Stein Mug Glasses

Paulaner Munchen Germany Weisbier 2014 Soccer Brazil Cup 5l Pilsner Beer Glass

Ruttgers Bay Lake Lodge MN Oktoberfest 1999 Limited Edition Beer Stein 76 150

Hacker Pschorr Made in Austria German Dimple Glass Mug Stein 1 Liter

Lowenbrau Munich Munchen Made in Germany Glazed 05L Beer Stein

Antique 3L German Beer Stein by J P Thewalt 1089 16 1 2 Tall Mint Condition


PRELL Beer Stein Mug 5L Stoneware Horse Logo Equestrian

Antique Reservist German Beer Stein Stanhope Photo of Reservist 1908 1910

World Market Austria Stoneware Beer Stein

Antique 1 2L German Beer Stein by Merkelbach White City Advertising Chicago

Antique 1 2L Satyr Character German Beer Stein by Merkelbach Wick

Antique 1 2L Porcelain German Character Beer Stein of Nun Hand Painted Mint

Antique 1 2L German Beer Stein Playing Cards by Reinhold Hanke Mint Cond

Antique Mettlach 1 2L German Tapestry Stein 1645 Guitar Player

Antique 1 2L German Beer Stein Scene of Beuron Germany Mint Condition

Giant Das Boot Glass By Daron XL Beer Boot

Pair of Salt Glazed German Beer Stein Pitchers Horse Racing 25L

Antique Mettlach 1 4L German Beaker Singing 2327 1179

Antique Authentic 1 2L Regimental German Beer Stein 1898 1900 Reservist Weijand

Old 1 2l German Beer Stein 4051

Antique 1L Stoneware German Beer Stein Royal Bavarian Infantry Regimental

Antique 1 2L German Occupational Beer Stein for a farmer or plowman Holzmann

Antique Authentic Regimental 1 2L German Beer Stein Paussau1902 1904

Antique Reservist 1 2L German Beer Stein 1908 1910 2nd Co Inf Reg Grofsherzogi

Antique Regensburg 1 2L German Beer Stein Inlay lid with Horses

Beer Stein Clear Glass and Pewter Lid Deer or Buck Details Made in Germany

Medieval Times Beer Stein Mug White

Antique Mettlach 1L German Beer Stein 2035 Bauchus Draught Mint 1896

Antique 1 2L German Beer Stein Art Nouveau Maiden with Flowers by Girmscheid 932

Small RBay Handpainted Embossed Stein With Metal Lid Made in Germany

Ceramarte Kentucky Stoneware White Blue Glazed Mug Stein

Pfaltzfrafe Tankard Beer Stein Beer Mug German Eagle Phoenix

Antique Regensburg 1L German Beer Stein with Inlay Lid Gambrinus

Antique 3L German Beer Stein by Marzi Remy Mold 148 Cherubs and sayings M

Antique 1 2L Occupational German Beer Stein for Beer Wagon Driver 1905

Vintage Unused 9 Lid Glass Beer Stein from 1958 Rummeshalle Munich Germany

Vintage 4pc Germany Porcelain Pewter Beer Stein Tankards DBGM Matching Two Sizes

Vintage German Maypole Beer Stein By Original King Very tall 13 14

Honoring German Infantry Beer Stein 1906 1909 Dr Merkle Atelier

German Beer Stein 1 Liter Tavern Bar Scene Very colorful

Vintage West Germany Beer Steins Pair Ramstein Pfalz Set 1Liter

Vintage German Beer Stein Duck Lid Designed By Original The Walt

Vintage West Germany Beer Stein Huge 2 Liter Mandolin Playing to the Maiden

Vintage GERZ Limited Edition SIGNED German Germany Pewter Lidded Beer Stein Mug

Vintage West Germany Beer Stein Old Germany

Antique 1L German Beer Stein Siegfried Mold 215 by Thewalt 11 1 4 Tall

Webco Slugger Hops Baseball Beer Stein Gift Idea

Vintage Gruss Aus Munchen Small Beer Stein Stamped Western Germany Numbered

Webco Wanda Waitress Beer Stein RETIRED Gift Idea

Three Beautiful 1 4L Salt Glazed German Beer Steins

Webco Schultz Dooley 45th Anniversary Beer Stein TV EDITION Gift Idea

Glass German Stein With City Scene And Pewter Lid

Beer Steins by King Large Mouth Bass Fishing German Beer Stein Beer Mug 075

Beer Steins by King Black German Deutschland Flag and CoA German Beer Stein

Vintage LOWENBRAU MUNICH Stoneware 5 Liter BEER MUG STEIN Made in Germany

GERZ German Stein Lidded 75 MIMM MAB 3695

Pair of German Beer Steins


Addison Oktoberfest Paulaner Munchen 2013 Stein Mug Franz Herb 5 Litre Germany

Clear Glass Stein Old Spice Alwe Germany Racing Sloop Americas Cup Anchor Boat

ATO Fraternity Pewter Beer Stein

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Germany Stein

German Lidded Beer Stein Collecting

But Are Stalinist Lillian Hellman's Plays and Writings Any Good? (Reason Magazine - Hit and Run)

Over at the Wall Street Journal, former staffer and current Reason
contributing editor Michael Moynihan has a sharp review of the new Lillian
Hellman bio, A Difficult Woman, by Alice Kessler Harris.

A snippet of the review:

> Hellman zealously supported the Moscow line on Trotsky, offering no
criticism when he was murdered by Kremlin agents; she defended Stalin's mass
executions of party cadres in 1937-38, signing a petition that accused the
victims of being "spies and wreckers" of socialism; she supported Stalin's
alliance with Nazi Germany, despite her supposed devotion to "anti-fascism,"
and defended Moscow's indefensible invasion of Finland in 1939-40, claiming
that the country supported Nazism and deserved no pity, a scurrilous lie that
Ms. Kessler-Harris leaves unchallenged.

Moynihan notes acidly:

> Ms. Kessler-Harris marvels that Hellman "dedicated much of her life to the
cause of civil liberties; in return, she earned the Stalinist label." This is
giving Hellman short shrift: she worked rather hard to earn the Stalinist

Whole piece here.

Despite the claims of various defenders over the years, Hellman always comes
off as a pretty horrible human being and it always stuns me when people try to
minimize the stupidity and wilful blindness of ...

Reason Magazine - Hit and Run