Foreign Beer

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Frequently Asked Questions...

what is the best quality beer in the world?

hi what is the best quality beer that you can buy at grocery stores in the US it can be a foreign beer. i like Heineken but is it the best? whats the best beer?

Best Answer...


Quality as judged by lacking defect, consistency of flavor and other parameters, and QA/QC procedures then it is any very large brewer such as Anheuser-Busch, Coors, or Miller. If quality by brewing a traditional style beer or ale, no one can say. One reason is because opinions will differ to what is best. Also some people confuse traditional beers with the modern trend for novelty beers like the Coffee or Cocoa Porters or fruit syrup beers as compared to the decoction mashed lagers of Germany and the Czech Republic or Yorkshire and Burton ales. As is I say the best is what you think that it is.

Just a few that I would consider best,

Budweiser because it is clean and versatile. PBR and Miller reek of DMS a defect in the style in my opinion and which is caused by use of corn.

Craft etc,
Bell's Lager
Penn Pilsner
Sudwerk Pils
Gordon Biersh Marzen
Great Divide Hibernation
Sierra Nevada Wet Hop Ale, Gogfoot Barleywine
New Belgian Brewery 1554, Abbey Grand Cru
Allagash Curieux, Gargamel
Bell's Best Brown
Anchor Porter, Old Foghorn Barleywine

Well enough for now but Belgian ales would be tops on my list.