Beer Stein

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Frequently Asked Questions...

Can someone please tell me what "AUF DER ALM DR ist ES SCHoN means on this beer stein? Thanks.?

I found this beer stein at a junk store for three dollars. It is very pretty, well made, well painted and well glazed. It has Western Germany stamped on the bottom with two different marks that I haven't been able to identify using the internet. One is in a triangle with strange marks inside, the other is two straight scratches in almost a perfect V. The lid is pewter but, is of after 1900's design. I can tell it is was probably made from a mold. I wrote the German inscription exactly as it appears on the stein. Any help I can get identifying the stein or finding out what it says would be appreciated. Thanks.

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I got "On the mountain it is very beautiful."

Nice I collect Beer Steins. That would be a nice holiday gift for someone. : )

Does the triangle have a "T" in it? That is Thewalt an old and respected stein maker indeed. The use of Western Germany indicates it being made after the Berlin Wall went up in the 1960's. So it could be as old as 40 years. Good start (toward antique status) for AHEM! someone who also collects antique steins. It sounds very nice.

**The most sought after beer steins are of german origin and the best are Mettlach. Wonderful-wonderful craftsmanship. Other than a few collectibles Metttlach (Villeroy & Bach) stop making steins after a 1920's fire destroyed many of the plans for glazes and other techniques.

Please refer to my previous commit. (gift) LOL