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Frequently Asked Questions...

Military design bank of america card.?

ok so i picked the military design when i got my bank of america card. and when ever i use it at restraunts or something ppl always ask me "are you from the military?" n i always say no. i always feel really bad when they ask me that cuz i always wanted to join but cant due to my health reasons. and plus i always feel that ppl sacrificing their lives over in Iraq n Afghanistan deserve the respect. what should i do? is it really a disgrace and embarrassment that i picked the military design for my debit card? i picked it cuz i liked it not to get attention. dam fml. wat should i do? plz help.

Best Answer...


I think it shows respect for the troops. Like not everyone wearing a military shirt was in the military, but they support them. If it is bothering you that bad perhaps you could consider getting a new picture but I think it's fine.