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Frequently Asked Questions...

Are these good things to sell at a pawn shop?

2 Casino PC Video Games
Pocket Knife with sheath New
2 loaded shotgun shells
Piggy Bank
Toy Cell Phone
Electronic Sudoku Game
London symphony orchestra CD with CDs holder
Cap Gun
Civil War Book Opening Battles
Little Pouch

Best Answer...


2 Casino PC Video Games - Maybe, depends on condition and actualy game title.

Pocket Knife with sheath New - Maybe, depends on qaulity of the knife

2 loaded shotgun shells - No

Piggy Bank - Depends on type. Common ones, unlikely. Like the mexican pottery, possibly.

Toy Cell Phone - probably not.

Electronic Sudoku Game - Possible

London symphony orchestra CD with CDs holder - Possible

Wallet - depends on the wallet

Cap Gun - only if this is an all metal antique style

Civil War Book Opening Battles - probably not

Little Pouch - pobably not

All in all, I don't think you would make it out with even $20 selling all of this. The pawn shop is there to make money. So the value of what you would pay for something is normally half of what you can get for it to them. They normally have to sit on the item for 90+ days, and then they can sell it. So they need to not only make the interest for thier money tied up in the items, but also a profit to keep the doors open.

You might want to instead consider a yard sale, which is where these items would be better suited. You still might not make a lot of money, but you might do a little better.