Porsche Boxster

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Frequently Asked Questions...

Would a 2003 Porsche Boxster S make a good high school car?

I am about to turn 16, and I really want a Boxster S for my first car. Would this car be a good car to drive a little less than 2 miles to school Monday-Friday. And, do you know how much insurance would be for a 16 year old male in League City Texas. And how long will the car last doing this if I get one at 60,000 miles.

Best Answer...


Oddly enough I have to agree with Steven Brown on this one.

The boxster can be a pretty reliable car. The nice thing is that the maintenance on the newer Porsches isn't astronomical. I've driven a lot of different Porsches. The Boxster handles nicely, it isn't too powerful and it's a fun car. It's a good "gateway drug" Porsche into the Porsche world so you get a feel for the quality and entry-level tier of the Porsche world.

The only thing is that parts are expensive for any model of Porsche. But the maintenance on them is actually not horrific.

However, make sure to check and make sure any and all updates are done, have a PPI done on the car at a shop that knows the cars in and out (this costs money but could save you THOUSANDS on finding a car that may have hidden issues, especially on a Porsche) and above all always buy the best example you can afford to buy.

If you can learn to do the maintenance yourself, most Porsches are not astronomical to own. If you have them brought to a shop it's a different story on major maintenance. But the generic intervals like doing brake fluid, oil, fluids and going through seals and generic gaskets aren't that bad. Again, that's mostly if you do it yourself.

If you can afford to buy a good example, keep it maintained it shouldn't be too bad and you'll greatly enjoy the car.

Keep in mind insurance may be on the spendy side since you are so young. I'm just now enjoying all my Porsche toys, wished I had a Porsche for my first car, I had a Mustang II, haha! But now my daily is a 911.

Once you step into the Porsche world it'll be hard to want to drive something else, they are a kick in the pants, a blast in the twisties and put a smile on your face no matter what model of Porsche it is.

At 60,000 miles, if it has been owned, garaged and well maintained, no electric problems, it would be a good car and hopefully trouble free for a good long time.

Best of luck to your search on the car and good luck.