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Frequently Asked Questions...

I think my wife's been watching porno. I don't approve of it and I feel helpless?

Ok so, I walked in on my wife this one time, and she was watching like, anal forrest 8 or some shit. And I was like "Jaqui, what the fuck." Okay so I know like, chicks have equal rights and they should be able to get their freak on any time. But I don't wear a ring for nothing and why's she wanna watch John Whathisnames dick over mine? My most hit up page on my google account is probably freaking hot but it's different for a guy. She should get hot off the idea of me watching other chicks. She made me feel dirty. I don't know what to do with myself 'cause she doesn't turn me on anymore now I have seen her true colours. To the point where I spend most of my day beating off to other women 'cause I'm not getting any. Hook me up with some advice, ladies.

Best Answer...


It's probably not that she wants to watch his dick.
It's probably that they're doing something she wants done to her, or she's unsatisfied with her sex life.
Watch porn with her! I bet it will really heat up your relationship and try new things with her. I don't know why you would not be attracted to your wife over it....but ask her to wear a sexy outfit or something. Do new things! I think it will put an end to her porn watching.