Ford Falcon

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1961 Ford Falcon BigIrv305 Swirve Productions

Frequently Asked Questions...

The reason for Ford Falcon Straight Six Engine?

Does anybody know the reason behind Ford using a Straight six engine in their Ford Falcon's, rather than using a typical V engine or even a boxer engine. Please help, I am stumped on this one.

Best Answer...


An Inline 6 is still used by Ford of Australia because:

1.) It is perfectly balanced and silky-smooth:

It is more balanced than a V6 because: the two ends of the engine balance each other out: Cyl.1 balances Cyl.6, 2 balances 5, 3 balances 4. Also in a Inline 6, a cylinder starts a new power stroke every 120 degrees instead of 180 in a inline 4. Therefore there are 60 degrees of overlap, resulting in a smoother power delivery. In a V engine, the cylinders are angled apart, and every stroke pushes the engine side to side, which doesn't happen in a inline engine.

2. Inlines are longer, which is why they have gone away in America. Since the Falcon is a fairly large car, its engine compartment can still handle a inline 6. V6 only came about when small cars needed 6 cylinders and an inline couldn't fit.