Face Powder

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Frequently Asked Questions...

What kind of face powder won't cause breakouts?

If i wear any kind of concealer or powder or any other kind of makeup on my face, I will break out w/ acne really bad. I want to wear some kind of makeup on my face b/c i have oily skin so my forehead and my nose gets pretty shiny during the day. What kind of powder won't cause acne????? Also, if have the same problem as me and have tried the bare mineral products does that work?
Thank you all so much for your answers!! You are so helpful. But if you don't really have a problem w/ break outs then please don't answer. Also, I have a really weird skin tone... so I have NEVER found anything to match it. Is there any powders that are easy to match any skin tone as well ???

Best Answer...


I've had luck with netrogena oil control powder approx $10.00 at walmart.
takes care of the shine for hours. I also use netrogena's acne conceler it works wonders at minimizing my breakouts. I've tried everything and this so far is the best product I've found.