Candy Bar

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Keith Murray - Candy Bar

Frequently Asked Questions...

What is your favorite candy bar from your youth?

I just went to the vending machine and saw 5th Avenue candy bars! I bought one, and it tasted so good, Butterfinger is a cheap knockoff! Does anyone else have a favorite candy bar that you just don't see much today?
Zero and Zagnut were awesome too!
Boston Baked Beans were good, too. My grandpa and I used to eat those! They sell them at my grocery store in those bags that are .59 or 2/1.00! I remember when Nutrageous first came out... that had to have been about 20 year ago! But I still think it's the "new thing" and it's really not! Lol. It's funny how things like a candy bar can make you remanice!

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heath bar