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Information about Transforming Robot toys

Transforming robot toys have recently been a huge magnet with fans young way back to the very early 1980s when the initial waves of Transformers toys came out, with less successful lines such as Gobots ( aka Robo Machines in some countries) and so on. The first Transforming robot toys, the Transformers, were themselves nothing less than adapted versions of a much earlier Eastern toy line, and when Hasbro adapted them for a new market, they paid for the abilities of writers Jim Shooter and Dennis O'Neil, who created the universe and heroes that an astonishing amount of transforming robot toys fans have loved ever since.

In the years that followed the initial rush of interest in these transforming robot toys, a few other various variations of the cartoon series, plenty of transforming robot toys selections, animated flicks ( Transformers had 1 big-screen movie out, while the Gobots had two movies, one per their Rock-Lords offshoots), comic books, and all manner of goods. Transforming robot toys were one of the defining elements of '80s preferred culture, and beyond that time they continued to garner a massive audience, which only grew as the first generation of fans had their own children, who in turn discovered transforming robot toys for themselves.

Presently, transforming robot toys are big news again thanks to the Transformers live films, the new Transformers animation series and other properties that have made a new demand in transforming robot toys all over the globe. Giant robots are showing up in more movies, console games and books, meaning the appetite for transforming robot toys everywhere.

The idea that came from transforming robot toys is easy and genius - a huge robot that will transform into a vehicle or other form is a straightforward idea which has been able to spark peoples interest all around the world for years now. The concepts that you can take a straightforward action figure toy, swivel a few bits and have a totally different thing in your hands is a powerful one, and one that a lot of of transforming robot toys fans will say is the best toy idea of our time. With transforming robot toys, there's a lot more fun that can be had with the journeys that are possible, and thanks to them being in demand once more, there'll be transforming robot toys for a considerable time to come.

What organizations are you a member of ? (Coin Talk)

Please let us know about your memberships....for example, I am a member of
*SPMC*, and recieve Paper Money magazine 6 times a year, I was a member of the
*ANA*, but did not send in the annual dues this year because thier magazine,
The Numismatist, is 95% coin related. I recieve Bank Note Reporter...

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2001 Silver Eagle?

I have a question, I am looking at a 2001 silver eagle that is a World Trade Center ground zero recovery, it is authenticated by PGCS (collectors universe) it says that it was recovered from a vault under the world trade center.. It is graded Gem Uncirculated.The person is selling it for $130. Is this a good price? Will this coin have any value in the future? thank you

Best Answer...


The prices sounds about right, but you have to remember that we Americans forget to easy. My dad remembers world war II and hates the Japanese, I was in the Vietnam war and when I went to Japan I thought they were nice people. So it boils down too, how long will we remember, to actually want a souvenir of the trade center. I would not buy it due to people making a profit from a tragedy. I also do not deal with PCGS for I feel they lack integrity and one day that will catch up too them. I am also not so sure it would be a good investment. The money put into a simi key coin, would make more profit in the future.

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